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Monday, August 29, 2011

Seeking Sanity

Seven weeks with Baby William and I finally feel like we're having some moments of sanity.  Maybe it's because we've finally caught on to his routine or because we found the confidence to take a short day trip to the coast.  But whatever the reason we've managed some very normal things this week: Trip to the coast  (with William), jogging on a cloudy morning (also with William), and trip to the movies while William was babysat.

I must say the trip to the coast did wonders for my sanity.  William slept through a lot of it, but he did get his first look at the ocean from the Pier next to the Rouge Brewery (No we didn't stop for a pint , much to Jim's discontent - but it was 10am)

We spend a few hours at the aquarium while William napped in his Ergo carrier.

We (all three) ate lunch in a Nye Beach cafe and the went for a sandy stroll while the tide was out.

I was surprised to find that nursing him in the front seat of the car worked really well (especially with my nursing pillow) and topping off his tummy before leaving the car made him much more content.  We got lots of practice changing him in the hatchback area of our car and even dealt with a awesomely dirty diaper without resorting to disposables.

It was generally felt to be a massive success and just what two frazzled new parents needed to feel sane.

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