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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Are We Here?

If life is the grandest experiment that we all participate in then reproduction is not just the perpetuation of a species but a replication of an experimental subgroup.

I write this somewhat in jest, but also see an underlying truth in the statement.  When we ponder how to raise offspring we inevitably imagine little miniatures of ourselves that share our appreciation for the parts of our culture we find most important.

Doesn't the die hard Vikings fan buy purple onesies for their baby?  The dog lover purchase a stuffed puppy for their child to cuddle with?

Thus through early indoctrination we replicate our own experimental group, and just like any experiment poorly planed by amateurs each experimental group resembles the previous but is not a perfect replication and is instead improved by lessons learned through previous replications.

And the two of us as new parents are no different, although since our cultural choices run to the left side of green rather than to the mainstream there is a certain amount of cynicism and eye rolling we must endure from the mainstream judgmental consumer.

Luckily we have more than just our own smug satisfaction to help us endure.  There is a continuously growing green parenting and green lifestyle movement being fueled not only by the desire to reduce our own and offsprings impact on the planet but perhaps even more significantly fueled by the frugality of living a greener lifestyle.  This feels especially  important when beginning what is widely agreed upon as the most expensive stage of our lives; parenthood!

So we, like so many other green parents out there, feel the need to document this stage of life for a multitude of reasons; the need to ally ourselves digitally with like minded people, give ourselves an outlet for 'green introspection', and of course to simply document the process of life for our own satisfaction and the entertainment of others.

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